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About the Author

Megan Dagnino is a mother, registered nurse, and children’s book author. Meg also has a passion for party planning and is always looking to create special activities that bring people together in celebration. As the room mom for her son’s kindergarten class, she did just that when she started the “brew.” She knew she had created something special when teachers, students, and family members begged her to bring the experience to every Halloween and fall party. The Witch’s Brew started as a Halloween activity and has now grown into a book, allowing Meg to continue her passion for sharing the “brew.” Meg is married to her high school sweetheart, and together they have two internationally adopted children. Meg graduated with her BSN from Lewis University, and her nursing specializations range from Medical Oncology and Outpatient Services to School Nursing.


Following the Sun LLC is an entity created by the author as a platform to bring her creative ideas to life.

When your eyes meet the sun and the light dances off your lashes.

When the sun peaks through the branches, shoots rays beyond the clouds and sparkles off the water like a sea of diamonds.

When you feel the sun’s warmth on your face as you embrace the healing it provides.

When the quiet moments of the sunrise and the sacred blessing of the sunset make you pause in gratitude.

These are the moments when dreams are born and they are followed.

-Meg Dagnino

About the Illustrator

Daniella Turano is an artist-illustrator and native New Yorker, with a natural born affinity for the creative. Her whimsical and romantically trippy designs are a conduit for themes of mental health, social issues, and female empowerment. She uses her art to inspire and create the loving change she wishes to see in the world, which is what pushed her to launch her business, Paper Moon Designs. You can find out more about Daniella Turano at and explore more of her work at