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A Delightful Family Tradition

Witch’s Brew is a delightful interactive experience geared towards families with children aged 2 to 10. Follow along to create a delicious Halloween “brew” that the whole family will enjoy. While reading an engaging, lighthearted rhyme, children learn to count their favorite snacks and create a spooky and delicious treat! Together, you’ll create a festive and educational family tradition.

Watch the author create this magical witch’s brew!

A Halloween Tradition for the Whole Family

Holidays are often made special because of the memories we share. When author Megan Dagnino realized there was a lack of holiday traditions for the Halloween season, she got to work crafting her magical “brew.” and now she is ready to share it with all of you. The Witch’s Brew incorporates both story and activity to create lifelong memories. Add a little holiday spirit and a new tradition to your Halloween season this year with Witch’s Brew.


Adoption and orphan care is a cause near and dear to the Dagnino family. Part of the proceeds from Witch’s Brew will go to All God’s Children International to provide support for their orphan care ministry. To find out more about All God’s Children International, visit

Who Is the Witch?

Eldora, the Witch, is the leader of the Witch’s Brew Pack. Eldora’s favorite holiday is Halloween, but she doesn’t think enough people appreciate the holiday. That’s why every year, she works extra hard to cook up the most magical Witch’s Brew to help spread Halloween cheer. Her special mission leads her on all sorts of Halloween adventures. Follow her adventures on the social media links above!

Meet Mae

Meet Mae the goldendoodle! Inspired by Meg’s beloved family dog, Mae is a curious little pup on a mission to help you complete the Witch’s Brew. If you look closely at the pages of the story, you just might find Mae getting into trouble as she helps Eldora gather all the ingredients!